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  1. Nash Galactic

    Anime [Uma Musume: Pretty Derby] Grass Wonder

    Great job. Thanks for the model.
  2. Nash Galactic

    Hatsune Shaohua MIKU cheongsam

    Everything I have is here but will be updating soon.
  3. Nash Galactic

    Hatsune Shaohua MIKU cheongsam
  4. Nash Galactic

  5. Nash Galactic

  6. Nash Galactic

  7. Nash Galactic

    Anime Figure [Haiyore! Nyaruko-san] Nyaruko

    Looking at the shirt I wouldn't no where to start.
  8. Nash Galactic

    Anime Figure [Haiyore! Nyaruko-san] Nyaruko

    Looks like a good model but with no Instructions its kind of unbuildable.
  9. Nash Galactic

    [Arknights] Chen skin

    I have this one coming in the mail look like a good one. But it has been a week and the seller still has not shipped.
  10. Nash Galactic

    [Arknights] Dusk

    Can you tell me where you got it.
  11. Nash Galactic

    [Arknights] Dusk

    Nice build seems like a good model.
  12. Nash Galactic

    Motorcycle 1955 Harley-Davidson Hummer

    Thanks man:cool:
  13. Nash Galactic

    [Fate Series] Saber Alter Huke Collaboration

    Most people scan them before they build them so they can trade for others. Great build looks like a lot of parts.
  14. Nash Galactic

    Does anyone have these papercrafts from sv?(I already found it)

    I have this one
  15. Nash Galactic

    [Azur Lane] Taihou

    Great job and only a week crazy. Im not buying anymore from there store they rip you off with the shipping.
  16. Anime Game [Kemono Friends] Shoebill

    [Kemono Friends] Shoebill Papercraft This model is unavailable so I took screenshots of the youtube video. missing parts hair backing.
  17. Nash Galactic

    Road vehicles Sport Car Ferrari California

    mazda miata rebadge. lol
  18. Nash Galactic

    Game [Genshin Impact] Nilou

    Yes it is a great model but if it is to hard to build most wont even try.
  19. Nash Galactic

    [Genshin Impact] Eula

    Thanks for the link mine is on the way.