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  1. Darren B

    Sport Car BAR-002-HONDA

    Every time I see this car, with these colours and number, I keep thinking it is Mirage from G1 Transformers.
  2. Darren B

    Light Box Ghostbusters

    Actually, it is Stranger Things.
  3. Darren B

    Others Zoids Voltron [Gwi Jang]

    I would love to see the Vehicle Voltron (15 vehicles in one robot, that could also make three super combinations) be given the Zoids treatment. Does anyone know if Gwi Jang is working on this? It would be truly amazing.
  4. Darren B

    Transformer Optimus Prime G1 [asd-fla] (có thể Transform)

    @Bakuryu No worries. I'm glad that I can post it, without getting into trouble.
  5. Darren B

    Transformer Optimus Prime G1 [asd-fla] (có thể Transform)

    I love this. I downloaded it from another site years ago. I added texture to some parts, changed the colour of some parts so that they will not be visible in vehicle mode and I added an edited segment that could give light-piping to his eyes. Here is my PDF.
  6. Unrealistic Architecture Calendar Village

    Calendar Village paper toy papercraft Does anyone remember the 12 Calendar buildings that created? Here is the whole set in rar file.
  7. Darren B

    Others [Voltron] Black Lion

    Pity that there aren't the limbs as well.