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  1. riokan

    Posting large papercraft files

    @Darren B it's not difficult, you just need to put it all in the same folder and then do the above operations and everything works fine.
  2. riokan

    Posting large papercraft files

    @Darren B you just need to Split the compressed file with WinRAR Step 1: Right-click on the folder / file / files you want to compress or split Step 2: select "Add to archive..." Step 3: file compression dialog box displays, you just need to follow the order number 1. Name the file you...
  3. riokan

    Animals Low Poly Otter with guitar

    @Devraj I think maybe this file is not missing, because I have seen the author sell this file on etsy and also record information as 10 pages
  4. riokan

    Animals Low Poly Otter with guitar

    @Devraj What templates is missing?
  5. Movie Low Poly Grinch Head

    Grinch Head by J3DCraftStore (Just3Designs) low poly papercraft Dimensions 22 cm high 16.2 cm Wide 18.6 cm deep
  6. riokan

    Others [Zoids] Death Saurer

    oh no i mean pepakura designer Please search for keywords like I pointed above, it will help you not to be locked and save the file
  7. riokan

    Others [Zoids] Death Saurer

    @Darren B you can search google with the content: key pepakura paperzonevn maybe will help you
  8. riokan

    Others [Zoids] Death Saurer

    @Darren B it's hard, try using Armorsmith Viewer app on your phone to open it, I think it can help you
  9. riokan

    Others [Zoids] Death Saurer

    @Darren B i see what you mean, have you tried opening with pepakura designer and importing the PDO files?
  10. riokan

    Technological Wall hanging Working Japanese Clock

    @Abhishek already a lot, because this pattern has been around for a long time
  11. riokan

    Others [Zoids] Death Saurer

    @Darren B @deathadder i think i can do it, but it will take a long time, can you tell me which files are corrupted?
  12. riokan

    Anime Paper Toys Tokyo Revengers: Keisuke Baji

    @Momito The password is 6 digits, scattered in the video, you can watch the video to get the password
  13. riokan

    Game [Odin Sphere] Gwendolyn Ver.2

    @[email protected] you use with pepakura viewer to open the file
  14. riokan

    Transformer Optimus Prime G1 [asd-fla] (có thể Transform)

    Pretty good idea, but it's probably going to be hard to implement
  15. riokan

    Red panda

    yes, of course there will be