Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Papercraft, also called card models or paper models, are models constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper, paperboard, or card stock.
This may be considered a broad category that contains origami and card modeling. Origami is the process of making a paper model by folding paper without using glue. Card modeling is making scale models from sheets of cardstock on which the parts were printed, usually in full color. These pieces would be cut out, folded, scored and glued together. They are generally more popular in Europe and Japan than in the United States.
The images are made by unfolding a 3D computer graphic into 2D using
Pepakura, a program designed specifically for papercraft, or Ultimate Papercraft 3D. These 3D images are either made by graphic softwares, or taken indirectly from the video game. A few models are hand drawn using trial and error.
You can really use any tools you like! You should try to get some basic tools though:

Knife: I always use an X-Acto knife with a Classic #11 blade, but you can use any other crafts knife of course; many people use a "breakaway knives" where you can break off a piece of the blade when it becomes dull.
You can also use scissors of course, but try to find small ones, because it can be difficult to cut small parts with a big pair of scissors. And sometimes you still need a knife to cut small slits or cut pieces out of the inside of parts.

Cutting mat: to avoid cutting into your table- or desktop, use a rubber, self-healing cutting mat to put underneath your sheet of paper when you're cutting out the parts. And then like I said, there are lots of optional tools you can use.

Toothpick: sometimes your fingers are just to big to reach inside a piece you're building when you really need to, so in those cases, you can use a toothpick, or the back of a spoon. You can also use toothpicks for pre-shaping small cylinders, by simply rolling the parts around the tootpick.

Embossing pen/ballpoint/mechanical pencil: to make sharp, crisp folds, you can score the fold lines first with a special embossing pen (a "pen" with a small metal ball at the end), but a "dead" ballpoint pen (one that doesn't write anymore; make sure of that of course!) or a mechanical pencil without the lead do the same thing.

Coloured markers/coloured pencils: to get rid of the "white lines" from the edges of the paper on paper models, you can colour the edges of the paper in the appropriate colour with markers or pencils after cutting out the parts ("edge-colouring").

Tweezers, clothespins/clothes pegs: or whatever else you can think of or might have lying around the house and think could be useful!
Papercraft is an inexpensive hobby that requires planning and hand-eye coordination. Many model hobbyists became attracted to papercraft because it offers a greater variety of free and difficult models to build.
There are so many papercraft subjects, that accurate classification seems to be a very difficult job, so the categories are based on the paper model themes (such as: Movie, game, flora & fauna, robot & mechanical, military, civil, architecture, origami, etc.), but you can use frefixes / tags for more detailed categories or themes (for example, you can click on the tag "dog" for many Dog Paper Models). Of course, you can also use the search function to find the paper model you want.
We look forward to your designs and welcome you to upload them! Read this article to learn how to create a new thread.
None of the Pepakura PDO files posted on PaperzoneVN require a password in order to be opened. PDO files (papercraft templates) are created with Pepakura Designer. PDO files may be opened, viewed, and printed using the Pepakura Viewer. Both programs are available for download here. The Pepakura Viewer is free. Pepakura Designer is not. If the creator of a papercraft template has locked a PDO file to prevent editing, then the PDO can only be opened with Pepakura Viewer. If you attempt to open a locked PDO file with Pepakura Designer, you will get a pop-up asking for a password. So, the easiest way to avoid the password problem is to always open PDO files with Pepakura Viewer.
Some templates seem missing on the left or right side, you could Mirror Print them. To print the mirror image of a document (You can also search "Mirror Print" within Google, Bing, or other SE):

WINDOWS Operating System
Open the file you want to print.
On the File menu, select Print.
Click Properties.
Click the Layout tab, then select Print mirror image.
Click OK.
Click OK.

In Apple Preview, open the file you want to print.
On the Tools menu, select Flip Horizontal.


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